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Real Name: Bart Ruiken 

DJ name: Burnin'Diazz

Born: 07-07-1982

Style: Hardstyle

Resident: Explosion


Burnin’Diazz started mixing at the age of 18 years. After a while, in 2002, he became the resident DJ of "Explosion" the local youth centre in Wijchen, his hometown. In the summer of 2003 Burnin’Diazz went for a work vacation to Hersonissos in the isle of Crete (Greece). After a few days of partying with his friends in the Aria club, one of the biggest clubs on the

Island, Burnin’Diazz decided to ask the manager of the club if they perhaps were looking for a DJ. The manager told him to come back the next day with his vinyl’s so he could play in the club for about one hour to show his skills. After this booming set in the Aria Club the manager screams "very good, very good, you’re the new DJ of the Aria Club. Burnin Diazz played the whole summer in the Aria Club. Next year, the summer of 2004, Burnin’Diazz decided to go back to Crete and found a job in the NRG Club where they play only hard dance music. Burnin’Diazz became the new DJ of the NRG Club together with Harry K and DJ Soda, two Greek DJ’s. He played the whole season in this club together with big names in the dance scene like The Prophet, Luna, Darkraver and Pavo.

After two seasons of playing in the two most famous Clubs in Crete, Burnin’Diazz

Started also to conquer the Netherlands. Nowadays he has played in big Cubs like The Powerzone in Amsterdam, Sans Souci in Berlicum, The Time-Out in Gemert, Insiders in Eindhoven and  The Zinc in Arnhem.

Burnin’Diazz is also very busy producing some new tracks in the studio together with DJ Dave Dope for their new album. With his own style of Hard Dance Music this upcoming DJ/Producer has the intension to stay.With his first release comming up together with Dave Dope on the Tersikore label it's for sure you are going to hear a lot of this dream couple!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007, 11:59 AM

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